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2018-2019 University Catalog 
2018-2019 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Construction Management, M.S.

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 Master of Science in Construction Management

The Master of Science in Construction Management builds on the resources of an ACCE-accredited undergraduate Construction Management program as well as the extensive interaction with the construction industry’s most vibrant companies. Courses in the program will be taught by faculty drawn from across the university as well as from industry. This innovative program will employ a blended learning model that incorporates on-line, classroom and synchronous instruction, consisting of lectures, computer-based simulation, and team problem-solving exercises that will encourage and promote student interaction with peers in the program. The program is results-oriented, emphasizing the development of strong student competencies in financial and planning expertise for complex construction projects; optimizing change in the global marketplace; managing interdisciplinary teams; and research and problem-solving skills appropriate for executive level construction management. Full-time and part-time tracks are available with both thesis and non-thesis options.


Mission and Vision

The mission of the MS in CM Program is to provide a superior post-graduate educational experience that will enhance the graduate’s ability to contribute to the construction enterprise at the highest levels.

The vision for the MS in CM program is to be nationally recognized as the premier post-graduate program for construction professionals.


Program Educational Objectives

During the first few years after graduation, we expect our graduates to:

  1. Demonstrate exemplary technical and leadership knowledge and skills while achieving success as a construction executive within a design, construction, or owner organization, always displaying the highest standards of ethical conduct.
  2. Value the concept of life-long learning and continue to grow intellectually while keeping informed of new concepts and developments in the construction industry.
  3. Assume a leadership role in the advancement of the construction management profession and community outreach activities, while serving as a role model for the future generation of constructors and the Roger Williams University Construction Management students. 


Eligibility Requirements

While some of the students applying for the MS in CM program will be recommended and sponsored by their employers in the construction industry, the program does accommodate recent graduates from construction management, engineering, business and architecture programs. The eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited instituion or hold senior standing from an accredited institution
  • Letter(s) of support indicating your potential to complete the program
  • Letter of interest describing your career goals and what you expect from the program

It is recommended that students present at least a 3.0 cumulative undergraduate GPA in order to be considered for admission. Each application will be reviewed using a portfolio approach - all parts of the application will be considered, inclusive of grades and trend of grades, letters of recommendation, the letter of intent, and other information that candidates for admission may wish to submit. Students without a demonstrated background in construction management or a related field may also be required to take a leveling course and exam at the discretion of the program director.


Program Learning Outcomes

We expect our graduating students to possess:

  1. the ability to optimize the value of change in a global construction marketplace.
  2. the skill to command multiple interdisciplinary teams, on multiple projects through the preconstruction, construction, and close-out stages of a project.
  3. the disciplinary and interpersonal expertise required to execute construction projects in an economic, environmental and societal context.
  4. excellent research and problem solving skills applied to construction executive level tasks

Program Requirements

Graduate study in the Construction Management program leads to the Master of Science degree. The program consists of 36 credit hours or 12 each, 3-credit courses. The course requirements are as follows:


Required CM Core Classes

CNST 500       Fundamentals of Construction Management*

CNST 530       Personnel Management & Law

CNST 510       Modeling and Simulation Techniques for CM

CNST 540       Sustainable Construction

CNST 590       Master’s Thesis Research

CNST 595       Research Project (Thesis track only; non-thesis track students must select another CM elective)

* If not required by virtue of industry experience or educational background, another CM elective must be selected


CM Electives (Select Two)

CNST 525       Pre-construction Planning and Project Delivery    

CNST 545       Construction Organizational Control & Logistics

CNST 550       SpTp:Construction Management

CNST 570       Financial Planning for Construction Projects            

LAW 637        Construction Law


Non-CM Electives (Select Two)

ARCH 501      Elements and Principles of Architectural Design      

ARCH 522      Environmental Design Research                   

ARCH 529      History of Landscape Architecture                            

ARCH 530      Special Topics                                    

ARCH 542      Professional Practice                          

ARCH 572      Modern Urban Design Theory                       

ARCH 574      Regionalism in Architecture                          

ARCH 575      Contemporary Asian Architecture & Urbanism        

ARCH 594      Urban Ecology                                                           

HP 501            Fundamentals of Historic Preservation                      

MGMT 510     Data Analytics                                               

MGMT 524     Ethical Leadership of Organizations                         

MRKT 520      Decisions in Marketing Management

IB 540             Global Business


Note: A maximum of six transfer credits into the program

Total: 36 credits

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