Jun 05, 2023  
2022-2023 University Catalog 
2022-2023 University Catalog
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HONR 105 - Honors:Aesthetics in Context Art Impulse

Requirement Fulfillment: The course fulfills the university’s CORE 105 requirement.
This course examines a variety of masterworks and
artists from the western traditions of art,
dance, music, and theater. The course situates
art in historical perspective, emphasizes
Classicism, Romanticism, Modernism, and relates
them to contemporary modes of expression. Works
of art will be presented in context, so the
impact of historical circumstance and cultural
expectation on the creative artist will be
apparent. Students will respond through oral and
written analysis to masterworks studied in class
and to works experienced at outside performances.
While all sections of the course will include
historic masterworks from the fields of art,
theater, dance, and music, specific content of
individual sections will reflect the interests
and expertise of the professor. Throughout the
semester, we will examine a variety of artistic
works and ideas to explore the role, meaning, and
implications of questions that have shaped the
human experience: Who and I? What can I know? How
should I act?

3.00 credits
Fall, Spring

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