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2020-2021 University Catalog 
2020-2021 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Justice Studies

Mission Statement

The School of Justice Studies is dedicated to providing students with a top-quality education that will prepare them to successfully meet the challenges facing modern justice system professionals. The faculty and administration of the School of Justice Studies are committed to academic and professional excellence. Our goal is to develop one of the very best programs for justice system education in the United States.


1. The members of the School of Justice Studies are committed to excellence in teaching in order to prepare students to assume leadership positions in the U.S. justice system;
2. The faculty and administration of the School are committed to professional excellence and advancing the state of knowledge in the Criminal Justice discipline through commitment to the dissemination and publication of original research;
3. The members of the School of Justice Studies recognize that the disciplines represented in the School are applied social sciences. Therefore, the School is responsive to the needs of the professional justice system community and has developed a positive relationship with justice system agencies throughout the region. This will enable students to gain a variety of professional experiences as an essential part of their education.


The School of Justice Studies offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Legal Studies, Cybersecurity and Networking, Security Assurance Studies, the Three Plus Three Programs in Legal Studies and Criminal Justice, the Four Plus One Program in Criminal Justice, minors in Criminal Justice, Digital Forensics, Legal Studies, and Cybersecurity and Networking, and an undergraduate certificate in Digital Forensics. Master of Science degrees are offered in Criminal Justice, Cybersecurity, Leadership, and Public Administration. The School also offers graduate certificates in Digital Forensics, Leadership, Public Management and Health Care Administration and the Joint Master of Science in Cybersecurity/Juris Doctorate. The final component of the School the Justice System Training and Research Institute, is a resource for applied research and provides training programs for members of the justice system community.


The School of Justice Studies is located in the Feinstein College of Arts and Sciences building, which houses the Dean’s office, faculty offices, and classrooms. The graduate programs in public administration and leadership are offered on the Metro Campus. The University maintains a state-of-the-art computing facility, which includes access to the Internet, CD-ROM data, color printers, color scanners, and laser printers.

School of Justice Studies Faculty

Eric F. Bronson, Ph.D., Dean and Professor of Criminal Justice
David Lambert, Ph.D., Assistant Dean and Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Director, Justice System Training & Research Institute


Julie Coon, Ph.D., Criminal Justice

Kathleen Dunn, J.D., Ph.D., Criminal Justice
Robert Engvall, J.D., Ph.D., Criminal Justice
Jeffrey A. Jenkins, J.D., Ed.D., Criminal Justice
Yolanda M. Leott, Ph.D., Criminal Justice

Tricia Martland, J.D., Legal Studies
Stephanie P. Manzi, Ph.D., Criminal Justice, Director of Forensic Science

Lisa L. Newcity, J.D., Legal Studies, Director of Legal Studies Program
P. Christopher Menton, Ed.D., Criminal Justice
Melissa Russano, Ph.D., Criminal Justice
Sean Varano, Ph.D., Criminal Justice, Director of Master of Science in Criminal Justice
Doug White, CISSP, CCE, Ph.D., Forensics, Networking and Security, Director of Cybersecurity and Networking

Associate Professors:

Michael Hall, Ph.D., Public Administration, Director of Master of Science in Public Administration & Leadership

Assistant Professors:

Russell Beauchemin, Cybersecurity and Networking

Eve Brown, J.D., Legal Studies
Katrina Norvell, Ph.D., Public Administration


Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science/Juris Doctor

Master of Arts

Master of Public Administration

Master of Science

Master of Science/Juris Doctor



Master of Arts/Juris Doctor