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2019-2020 University Catalog 
2019-2020 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Undergraduate Course of Study

Roger Williams University takes its name from the founder of the state of Rhode Island, a 17th-century free-thinker who was not satisfied with the status quo of his day. Neither is the University. But Roger Williams did not just criticize the status quo. He changed it, founding a community dedicated to openmindedness, tolerance and diversity. This is such a community. We welcome all students who come here and prepare them to meet life’s challenges.

At the heart of Roger Williams University is our abiding commitment to undergraduate education. Undergraduates who enter Roger Williams find more independence than they have had at home and more support than they will have after college. Here they find diverse experiences and endless opportunities to exercise curiosity. They also develop a set of values that is captured in the Pledge of Academic Integrity that all undergraduates make at Convocation:

We, the undergraduate students of Roger Williams University, commit ourselves to academic integrity. We
promise to pursue the highest ideals of academic life, to challenge ourselves with the most rigorous standards, to be honest in every academic endeavor, to conduct ourselves responsibly and honorably, and to assist one another as we live and work together in mutual support.

The undergraduate curriculum is designed to guide students toward inquiry, toward establishing and realizing their goals, and toward becoming productive professionals. In this community of teachers and learners, we are dedicated to excellence. Those who complete their undergraduate studies enter the world with knowledge, skill and confidence.

The distinguishing hallmark of the Roger Williams tradition is this: each graduate of the University completes both a focused, specialized program of study - the major - and a broad-based, comprehensive program of study - the Core Curriculum, which includes a second field of specialization, that can be extended into a second major. In increasingly competitive times, more and more students here are preparing themselves to excel in multiple fields. Moreover, the Semester Abroad Interdisciplinary Core Concentration provides an additional, incomparable opportunity in this era of internationalization. The University encourages and supports these initiatives.

All undergraduates enrolled in the University, regardless of major, study in order to understand, and they are civilized by this process. They learn to gain experience, and their lives are thereby further  enriched. They learn about themselves and about others, and their intellect is consequently strengthened, made more acute, more reflective, more responsive and, indeed, more humane.

Baccalaureate Majors

Roger Williams University offers baccalaureate degrees in the following disciplines:

Feinstein College of Arts and Sciences - School of Social and Natural Sciences

Aquiculture and Aquarium Science
Anthropology + Sociology
Applied Mathematics
Environmental Science
International Relations
Marine Biology
Political Science

Feinstein College of Arts and Sciences - School of Humanities, Arts and Education

American Studies
Communication & Media Studies
Creative Writing
Elementary Education
Secondary Education
Educational Studies
English Literature
Foreign Languages
Graphic Design
Performing Arts
Public Relations
Visual Arts
Web Development

School of Architecture, Art and Historic Preservation

Art & Architectural History
Historic Preservation

Mario J. Gabelli School of Business

Computer Information Systems
International Business Management

School of Engineering, Computing and Construction Management

Computer Science
Construction Management

School of Justice Studies 

Criminal Justice
Cybersecurity and Networking
Forensic Science
Legal Studies
Security Assurance Studies

University College

Criminal Justice
Cyber Security and Networking
Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher Certification
Paralegal Studies
Public Administration
General Studies
Community Development
Health Care Administration
Individualized Concentration
Industrial Technology
Social and Health Services
Social Science
Technology Leadership and Management

Division of University Studies

Public Health

The Elements of Undergraduate Curriculum

  1. The University Core Curriculum: Without the benefit of the Core Curriculum, students would not be fully educated, much less well rounded. At Roger Williams the Core is a course of study different from, but equal in importance to, the major. Core requirements, like those in the major, are fulfilled throughout the undergraduate program.
  2. The Major: All students complete at least one major. Students usually declare a major by the end of the first year, if not earlier. The major develops depth and competence in a single field of study. Students may achieve dual majors by applying Core Concentration course work toward a second major. To accomplish this, the Core Concentration should be declared before registration for the sophomore year. Program descriptions and requirements for each major are noted in this catalog.
  3. The Minor: Students are encouraged to minor in at least one discipline. The University offers minors in all the major programs and in the following disciplines: anthropology + sociology, aquaculture and aquarium science, economics, environmental chemistry, military science, music, public health, sustainability and urban studies. Requirements for each minor are noted in this catalog.
  4. Study Abroad: All students are strongly encouraged to apply for a passport during their freshman year and to participate in Roger Williams University Semesterlong International Studies Abroad during their junior or senior years. Students can satisfy their Core Concentration requirement in one semester by registering for a semester abroad Interdisciplinary Core Concentration in International Studies Abroad.
  5. Service Learning: All students must fulfill the Service Learning requirement.