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2018-2019 University Catalog 
2018-2019 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Feinstein School of Humanities, Arts and Education


The Feinstein College of Arts and Science consists of two “Schools;” the School of Humanities, Arts and Education (SHAE) and the School of Social and Natural Sciences (SSNS). Roger Williams undergraduates have opportunities to pursue a liberal arts curriculum as they major or minor in the humanities, fine arts, social or natural sciences. All university undergraduates may access the liberal arts as they satisfy the university’s core curriculum and take elective courses that explore disciplines outside of their major. Small classes, none taught by teaching assistants, a commitment to student-centered learning, achievement, and quality, distinguish the College, its faculty, students and programs. Situated thus, and with the largest number of students, faculty and courses of study, the schools compose the heart of the university.

Academic programs emphasize analytical thinking, problem-solving and research, all of which prepare FCAS graduates to compete effectively in a world that increasingly requires flexible habits of mind, teamwork, Professors and students work together in an academic community that values the hallmarks of a liberal education: intellectual inquiry, the lively exchange of ideas, an appreciation of diverse perspetives, scholarship, and development of the skills devoutly wished for by 21st century employers. The schools foster cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies that include the experiential education that is the hallmark of Roger Williams University.


Feinstein College of Arts and Science Faculty

Cynthia Scheinberg, Ph.D., Dean of SHAE
Benjamin J. Greenstein, Ph.D., Dean of SSNS, Professor of Marine Geology
Becky Spritz, Ph.D., Assistant Dean of SSNS, Professor of Psychology
Jeffrey Meriwether, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Professor of History
Anne-Marie Cerda - Manager, FCAS Operations


Peter Alfieri - Foreign Language
Garrett Berman - Psychology
Robert Blackburn - Philosophy
Dorisa S. Boggs - Theatre
Bruce Burdick - Mathematics
Jennifer Campbell - Writing Studies, Rhetoric and Composition
Alan Canestrari - Education
Robert A. Cole - Communication
Sean Colin - Environmental Science
Alan Cutting - Web Development
Edward Delaney - Creative Writing
Frank DiCataldo - Psychology
Kelly Donnell - Education
Elizabeth Duffy - Art
Frank Eyetsemitan, Ph.D. - Psychology
Steven Esons - Public Administration
Lonnie Guralnick - Biology
Anthony Hollingsworth - Classics and Modern Languages
Dale Leavitt - Biology
MaryBeth MacPhee - Anthropology
Marcia Marston - Biology
Jeffrey B. Martin - Theatre
Rachel McCormack - Education
Jeffrey Meriwether - History
Clifford B. Murphy - Chemistry
Nancy Nester - Writing Studies, Rhetoric and Composition
Stephen K. O’Shea - Chemistry
Susan Pasquarelli - Education
Jason Patch - Sociology
Judith Platania - Psychology
Anjali Ram - Communication
Michael Rich - Art
Deborah A. Robinson - English Literature
Teal Rothschild - Sociology
Scott Rutherford - Environmental Science
Mark Sawoski - Political Science
Timothy Scott - Biology
Jeffrey Silverthorne - Art
Jessica Skolnikoff - Anthropology
June Speakman - Political Science
Becky Spritz - Psychology
Robin Stone - Theatre
James Tackach - English Literature
David Taylor - Biology
Margaret Thombs - Education
Peter Thompson - Foreign Languages
Cliff J. Timpson - Chemistry
Mel A. Topf - Writing Studies, Rhetoric and Composition
Yajni Warnapala - Mathematics
Kerri Warren - Biology
Paul Webb - Biology
Donald Whitworth - Psychology
Michael B. Wright - Philosophy
Brian Wysor - Biology
Matt Zaitchik - Psychology

Associate Professors:

Paul Bender - Writing Studies, Rhetoric and Composition
Adam Braver - Creative Writing
Nancy Breen - Chemistry
Kelly Brooks - Psychology
Loren Byrne - Biology
Bonita G. Cade - Psychology
Margaret Case - English Literature
Jeremy Campbell - Anthropology
Jacquline Cottle - Psychology
Laura D’Amore - American Studies
Sargon Donabed - History
Avelina Espinosa - Biology
Kamille Gentles-Peart - Communication
Annika Hagley - Political Science
Catherine Hawkes - Music
France Hunter - Dance/Performance
Jason Jacobs - Foreign Languages
Hume Johnson - Communication
Tadeusz Kugler - Political Science
Dong-Hoon Lee - ESL
Alejandro Leguízamo - Psychology
John Madritch - Writing Studies, Rhetoric and Composition
Murray McMillan - Art
Kate Mele - Writing Studies, Rhetoric and Composition
David Moskowitz - Political Science
Deborah Mulligan - History
Cathy Nicoli - Dance/Performance
Roxanne O’Connell - Communication
Erica Oduaran - Chemistry
Koray Ozer - Mathematics
Jennifer Kreft Pearce - Physics
Paola Prado - Communication
Autumn Quezada-Grant - History
Andrew Rhyne - Marine Biology
Joseph W. Roberts - Political Science
Lauren Rossi - Chemistry
Michael Scully - Communication
Amiee Shelton - Communication
Gary Shore - Dance/Performance
Valerie Sloan - Graphic Design
Roxanna Smolowitz - Biology
Renee Soto - Creative Writing
Jennifer Stevens - American Studies
Anne Tait - Art
Evgenia Tsankova - Education
Laura Butkovsky Turner - Psychology
Kerri Ullicci - Education
Adria Updike - Physics
Annie Winfield - Education
Li-Ling Yang - Education
Min Zhou - Modernn Language

Assistant Professors:

Aaron Allen - American Studies
Hum Nath Bhandari - Mathematics
Christopher Burtner - Biology
Charlotte Carrington - History
Selby Conrad - Psychology
Edward Dougherty - Mathematics
Catherine Forsa - Writing Studies, Rhetoric and Composition
Hasala Gallolu Kankanamalage - Mathematics
Wendy Godek - Political Science
Victoria Heimer-McGinn - Psychology
Brian Hendrickson - Writing Studies, Rhetoric and Composition
Saeed Hydaralli - Sociology
Dorian Lee Jackson - Modern Languages
Robert Jacobson - Mathematics
Elliot McKinley - Music
Christian Pulver - Writing Studies, Rhetoric and Composition
Dahliani Reynolds - Writing Studies, Rhetoric and Composition
Koty Sharp - Marine Biology
Erin Tooley - Psychology
Lori Lee Wallace - Theatre

Visiting Professors:

John Farmer - Graphic Design


Katherine Mattaini - Biology
Christina Rawls - Philosophy

Special Events

The Professor John Howard Birss, Jr. Memorial Lectureship and Professor John Howard Birss, Jr. Endowed Library Fund, were established by Roger Williams University alumnus Robert Blais ‘70, to honor Professor John Howard Birss, Jr., mentor and life-long friend of Mr. Blais. Professor Birss studied in the New York public school system and completed his academic work at New York University, Harvard University, and Columbia University. An English instructor at Rutgers University and later a professor of English and American Literature, Birss was a noted Herman Melville scholar and one of the founders of the Melville Society. He was also a bibliographer and collector of letters as well as inscribed and rare first edition books. His extensive collection included a wide variety of material on Melville, Hart Crane, Edgar Allan Poe and Walt Whitman.

The library funds are allocated for the purchase of reference and research books for the library and expand holdings in the Humanities area. The Professor John Howard Birss, Jr. Memorial Lectureship is an annual event that features an important work of literature. Past works honored have included Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, and Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass.


Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Master of Arts